Two Ideas for Earning Extra Income

This is my inaugural post. In July I decided that I wanted to find another revenue stream to help the family pay off debt the Dave Ramsey way. I wanted to find a passive revenue stream so that I could still spend quality time with my family and provide a service for people. I came up with two ideas:

  1. Resell used products – I read the Penny Hoarder’s post on how to  make $750 a month selling used books and thought that might be one way to make money while staying at home. So far I’ve been selling for a month. I haven’t made $750 through one month, but hopefully that will change once I get a few months under my belt. I’ll write another post documenting my overhead (get started) expenses and what I’ve earned in profit.
  2. Internet Marketing via Niche Sites – I decided to create a few websites that would cater to niche markets. I purchased a WordPress template and plugin from, which made it much easier to use affiliate links to products that I found interesting. I created the following niche sites for: golf, hobbies, gadgets, and comics. I am interested in some of these niche markets but I felt that there could be an opportunity to carve out an opportunity to provide merchandise to consumers who were interested.

The purpose of this blog is to document my successes and failures during this experiment. Of course I’ve read that you can earn tons of money following someone’s recipe for success. I am skeptical at best, so I will be brutally honest in what works for me.

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