Five Things I Learned as an Internet Marketing Newbie

I’ve created some sites, 4 to be exact, that were meant to experiment with referrals. I created sites based on Калининград красивые места niche interests that I thought might uniquely draw interest. Within those sites I did two things:

  1. I added eBay items that were for sale. Each link had my referral link, any sale would earn me some profit. I did the same with Amazon.
  2. I then added advertising that was interspersed with the items and set up in the usual positions on a web site.

In the period of 8 months, I learned the following five things:

  1. I made $386.87 from eBay Partner links
  2. I made $2.30 from Amazon Affiliate links
  3. I made $11.25 in Google Adsense advertising
  4. I made $0 in CJ Affiliate advertising
  5. I made $0 in LinkShare advertising

So, what does that tell me? Granted, the sites I created have been largely “set it and forget it.” Meaning, I do not do much tweaking and let the sites run on autopilot. I’m sure I need to do some SEO massaging. But with that said, what did I learn? It seems to me that people are more willing to follow an eBay link, perhaps because the products sell for less money. I was surprised that the affiliate marketing companies have not yet panned out for me, yet I know that I only use a few advertisements.

Next up for me is to look at the SEO metadata that is generated for the content to see if I can find ways to make the content more findable.

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