Buy from X, Sell on Amazon

I’ve found that although Amazon is the juggernaut that rakes in tons of cash, there are opportunities to ride the wave by purchasing a product elsewhere and reselling it on Amazon. Although textbooks were lucrative for me in the Summer as it approached the Fall semester of college, I’ve had to branch out. I find that I’ve been successful Айвазовский Иван Константинович if I buy a used product and then resell it (as used) on Amazon. The reason: people use Amazon as their go-to, so sometimes the only price-checking they do is from the various vendors that sell on Amazon. I’ve found Craigslist and eBay to be my places to buy and then I sell on Amazon.

Buy Lots

If you have a good eye, you can get a good return on investment by buying lots. For example, I purchased a lot of 3 bluetooth keyboards that were open box returns and not tested to know if they were defective. Once I received them I determined that they were, indeed, defective. But a quick check let me know that I could return them to the manufacturer under warrantee and receive new replacements. Wow – take a $30 purchase and I can sell just one replacement keyboard for a 200% profit! Of course not everything works that way. I am not particularly handy, so I prefer to purchase a lot of used merchandise rather than defective devices.

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