New Venture: Bumper Stickers

So as I’ve been experimenting to determine how I can make some extra cash, I decided to jumpstart the 2016 Presidential election season by offering bumper stickers.

I started out small, creating 3 different designs and offering them on eBay. I’ve found I’ve gotten some nibbles using eBay, probably selling 2 dozen or so. The profit is not huge. Maybe $2 per sticker. I can make a larger profit if I purchase more bumper stickers in larger quantities.

I branched out and put my designs on Zazzle and CafePress as well, but the profit is pennies since these two companies do the manufacturing. I also created a store in Etsy, but I’ve only had one sale (of 6 stickers). Etsy could bring the best profit, but I also need to drive my own traffic, so I dipped my toes into Google AdWords to drive traffic. I am spending $30 for the month, but so far no sales.

My hope is that once election season picks up steam, customers will start snatching up more stickers.

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